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Stay safer on the roads – put your cell phone away when you’re driving

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Cell phones have been, for nearly everyone in the Western world, the single most useful development in communications technology. They have changed the way we socialize, do business and keep an eye on our kids. However, they have their downside, and inappropriate usage can impact many things, including insurance.

A big issue for insurance can be inappropriate use of cell phones in cars. Anything that distracts us from the road is potential life threatening for us and anyone else in the vicinity. Trying to use a cell phone and negotiate the Manhattan traffic at the same time is simply dangerous. Talking on the phone while driving means you don’t have your full attention on the road, and you may only have one hand on the steering wheel. Texting is even worse, as you may not even have your eyes on the road… A hands free kit is an option if you must be available even when you’re driving, and many cars come with blue tooth technology as a standard feature. However, unless you’re expecting an urgent call, it’s far more sensible, and safer, to put your cell on silent and put it out of sight while you’re driving.

The younger generation is most likely to have an issue with being parted from their phones, however briefly! Point out to them that the costs of picking up a voicemail message will never come close to the cost of the deductible on their insurance, and even less close to the long term costs of an accident.


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