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24/7 Customer Care | CSR24 | Miller & Miller Insurance of Thornwood New York

Introducing Artizan Internet Services’ new tool— CSR24, designed to help you with all of your 24/7 insurance needs!

At Miller & Miller Insurance, we wanted to find a way to be there for our clients, even when the office was not physically open because we are dedicated to providing quality customer service no matter what. Therefore, we made the decision to add Artizan’s CSR24 tool to expand our service offerings. We knew it was important to enhance our online service options not only for client retention, but for new sales as well.

CSR24 is the only 24/7 Customer Care solution designed for the insurance industry, which combines the Internet with telephone access so we can interact with you, our trusted community, whichever way you want. Offering extended service hours and options provides us with an advantage over other agencies, helping to secure our business for the future!

This portal has:
• 24/7 Internet Access
• Policyholder self service
• After hours or 24/7 call center
• Online Certificate of Insurance
• Certificate Tracking
• Live CSR for claim reporting after hours
• Conduct business in any disaster
• Escalates policy holder’s emergencies
• Issue your own certificates
• Reprint your auto ID cards
• Request changes to your policy

Now there is an easier, more efficient way for you to organize your insurance priorities, all from the comfort of your own home on any day and hour of the week! So let our agency offer your reliable and affordable insurance that will meet your needs and lifestyle now!

Having all of these resources online also helps promote our “Go Green” initiative!  Now you can receive your policy information via email instead of snail mail.  Please feel free to reach out to your friendly local agent at Miller & Miller for instructions on how you can participate in our “green” campaign, as well as our Partners Program!

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