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NY Contractors Workers Compensation

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At Miller & Miller Insurance, we understand the daily risks you face as a New York contractor—that’s why we have developed a comprehensive insurance program designed to meet your specific needs and guaranteed to exceed expectations.

We are honored to provide effective New York workers compensation because it happens to be one of the few insurance lines that have the ability to re-capture lost expense dollars and save your business significant money.

Are you aware that traditional estimating methods, for determining and paying, workers compensation premiums tend to result in surprising audit premiums due at the end of the term? In many cases businesses even end up receiving return audit premiums, but it takes weeks to actually get your lost funds back.

That’s why we are proud to offer our very own, customized pay-as-you go system enabling you to pay your workers compensation premium as you pay your payroll.

Our comprehensive, flexible coverage solutions come with a variety of added-value benefits. Now is the time to start:

  • Maximizing your cash flow
  • Eliminating unnecessary year-end additional premiums due to audits
  • Organizing a pay-as-you-go payment plan that works for you
  • Take advantage of 20% upfront discounts
  • Gain protection from a $100,000 employee benefits liability policy included

With its ease and flexibility of payment, and the ability to implement a three year rate lock, you can gain the necessary coverage at affordable, stable rates.

What are you waiting for? Depend on the leaders who have dedicated themselves to serving you. Contact Miller & Miller Insurance today to learn more about our unique workers compensation insurance program designed specifically for New York contractors!

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