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Northeast Trying to Get Back on Track After Snowstorm

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Saturday night many municipal workers from New York to Boston labored trying to clear the snow away from roads in communities. A state of emergency was declared by Barack Obama for Connecticut, allowing federal aid to be used in recovery. It was said that this storm could leave some customers in the dark for the rest of the weekend.


Around 300,000 homes and businesses were without power Sunday morning and some school districts have announced that they would be closed Monday. It’s been said that there were at least 5 deaths blamed on the snowstorm caused by being exposed to carbon monoxide.


The roads in the Northeast appeared impassable and cars were covered in snow on Saturday morning. Some people found the snow packed so high against their homes, they could get the doors open to even remove the snow.


New York, where it was a recorded 11 inches in Central Park, was not even in the Top 10 list of who go hit the worst. Mayor Bloomberg said the city “dodged a bullet” considering how hard the city got hit from the recent hurricane, Sandy.


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