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Another Reason Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Certificates of Insurance

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The dangers of relying upon a
Certificate of Insurance as proof that required insurance coverage is being
provided to an upstream, additional insured party as specified by a trade
contract, has been discusses recently. The New York State Court of Appeals have
recently decided that still further reason to demand, for review, a complete
copy of all policies of liability insurance from any entity contractually
required to provide you with coverage.

Good news for people with pre-existing conditions who need health care

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Affordable Health Care Act heralds good news for those of you with pre-existing
conditions that may have been unable to get coverage in the past, or have had
to pay for very expensive policies due to your condition. The new laws will
make it illegal for insurance companies to refuse coverage, or charge more for
it if you have a pre-existing condition.

Have you made a will, and do you have life insurance?

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Have you set up your
finances so that if something happens to you, your family can be adequately
taken care of? There are a couple of basic things you may need to have in place
if what you want for them is to happen in the event of your death. One is to
make a will, and the other is to call your insurance agent and purchase life

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