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Thorough induction for new staff could save a worker’s comp claims

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When you employ new staff,
you can’t expect them to hit the ground running. They need a period of time to
find their feet and learn how your business functions and how they, in their
role, fit in with everyone else. A structured induction period may be the best
way to do that so that you standardize the entry for each new employee. While
it might seem extreme, it could have positive implications for your New York
workers compensation insurance.

What does the new health care act mean for you and your family?

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does the recent passing of the Affordable Health Care Act mean for ordinary people?
Are you concerned about it and wondering what you need to do now? You won’t be
alone, and you can safely assume that the professionals at your Manhattan
insurance agency are working hard to have information available to help you
through this transitional period.

Checking Home Inventory with Manhattan Insurance

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Imagine the following
scenario: You just got home after a long day at work, you’ve reached up to put
your key in the lock of your front door and the door is ajar. Yes, the worst
has happened. Someone has jimmied the lock and broken in. After the initial
shock, you’re going to need to call the police to report the burglary, and
you’re going to have to provide them with a list of what’s missing. You’re also
going to have to call your Manhattan
insurance agent to get a claim underway.

Moving to the Big Apple? Get the Right Manhattan Insurance!

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New York has been the chosen destination for many
aspiring writers, artists, models, and business people for generations. Sitcoms
like Seinfeld, Friends and Sex and the City
have reinforced this idea, and there is an almost mythical quality to the idea
of moving to the Big Apple. On a more pragmatic level, if you are planning a
move to NYC, you’ll need to get past the TV glamour and deal with some
practical tasks, like organizing some Manhattan insurance coverage.

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